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“If I thought I should die tomorrow, I would plant a tree today.”

— Stephen Girard


For more than 176 years, Girard College has stood as a beacon of hope and opportunity for students from underserved communities. Girard College provides an excellent education and residential boarding program for students in grades 1-12.

The school was founded by Stephen Girard, a French immigrant and merchant who, upon his death, left his fortune in a trust to provide educational opportunities for youth. Today, the legacy of Stephen Girard is remembered in the generations of young people served by his generosity.

Your legacy gift can do the same: Your contribution will help sustain the academic excellence that has been at the core of the student experience at Girard College since its inception. You can help change the lives of students and families for generations to come.

Imagine what great things your giving might inspire for young people. Perhaps you or a family member attended Girard and know first-hand its impact. Or perhaps you’re looking for the very best place to make a difference in education in Philadelphia today.

What will your legacy be? The potential is unlimited.

Unsure where to begin or what type of contribution is right for you? Click here to answer a few quick questions and receive our recommendation on the type of legacy gift that is right for you.

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